Fleet Safety.

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Fleet safety is a top priority for all fleet managers, and with good reason. Every time one of your employees gets behind the wheel to operate a vehicle, their safety and the lives of others come into play.

To better prepare your drivers for the road ahead, MICHELIN Connected Fleet prepared an eBook, 3 Areas to Focus on to Boost Fleet Safety and Keep Your Drivers on the Road.  Download today to learn more. 

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Fleet Safety by the Numbers 

People who drive for work are at 40% more risk of getting into an accident. 

50% of hard brake events are performed during the last hour of driving, compared to the first. 

95% of road accidents are caused by human error and can be prevented. 

MICHELIN® Connected Fleet, Powered by NexTraq, has the experience and industry knowledge to help solve even the most challenging issues. Learn how we can help you improve driver and vehicle safety for your fleet today. 

Advanced Risk Detection

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision (AI+MV) technologies work together to spot unsafe or distracted driver behaviors in real time. 

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Improve Driving Behavior

Help improve safety by encouraging safer driving behaviors with live alerts and proactive action plans. 

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Maintenance and Uptime

Reduce breakdowns and costly repairs with proactive and preventative maintenance.  


Visibility and Productivity

Better control costs and ensure the safety of your drives with real-time visibility of road incidents and a 24/7 bird's-eye view of your entire fleet. 

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More than a Supplier

MICHELIN Connected Fleet equips fleet owners and operators with greater visibility, data and expert analysis to help improve driver and vehicle safety. We do this by providing visibility of driving behaviors, improving driving performance and keeping your drivers safe with real-time visibility of roadside incidents and video capture. 

At MICHELIN Connected Fleet, we understand the importance of fleet safety management and compliance. With that in mind, we always start our journey with you by understanding and identifying your unique business challenges; this is key so that our recommended solutions and services can be tailored to your operations and business.

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